We create and operate

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that support charities.

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Golden Hearts Gaming creates digital promotional games that support charitable causes.


Our first platform is Golden Hearts Bingo.



The company does not promote any particular charity or cause. We offer open platforms where consumers (age 18+) can enjoy promotional games with cash payouts and prizes – and while doing so, support any charity they choose (as long as it's an IRS-recognized U.S. public charity and in good standing in its home state.)


Promotional games. For good. 

Promotional games are not new. They have been widely, successfully used for years, in virtually every type of business and marketing endeavor, across the U.S. and Canada. What industry does not actively use entertainment, bonuses and perks to reward good customers and entice new prospects?

There's only one we know: Charitable fundraising.

Until now.

Golden Hearts Gaming is proud and excited to be the first company dedicated to bringing this proven method – using games, entertainment and rewards to create successful marketing and business initiatives – to support charitable causes. Our unique technologies and systems can connect millions of consumers with millions of charities, resulting in millions of hours of fun – and millions of dollars raised for good causes.


Our technologies and promotional games are proven…yet revolutionary. 

Promotional games are one of the most common, time-tested forms of consumer marketing, from the various and sundry sweepstakes one sees every day to the grand, complex, proprietary platforms like Coke Rewards® and McDonald’s Monopoly®. 

But never before have promotional games been deployed to create awareness of, and stimulate revenues for, charities. And never on such a vast scale. That's the Golden Hearts Gaming revolution.

But there's another Golden Hearts Gaming revolution as well.

Just as Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and other campaigns and candidates democratized political fundraising, Golden Hearts Gaming democratizes philanthropic fundraising – by shifting which donors are the focus of efforts, and how they're celebrated and rewarded. For the world of philanthropy does offer perks to some donors…

...but only big donors.

Big donors are feted with lavish galas, amazing prizes in auctions, celebrity meetings, naming rights on buildings and on screen, red carpets, media adoration and so many other treats. Plus, big donors get huge tax benefits.

Of course, no one can blame charities for offering perks to big donors, or governments for tax incentives. Charities desperately need big donors who are often difficult to engage. And governments need to stimulate philanthropy.

But what about small donors? The millions of everyday heroes who routinely support charity – often sacrificing far more than big donors do.

Golden Hearts Gaming offers entertainments and rewards to anyone – to all philanthropic supporters no matter how small.


We honor, celebrate and reward even the smallest donors – the unsung backbone of philanthropy, the common people who routinely make real sacrifices in their lives and budgets to help others – with fun digital entertainments and chances to win prizes.

Other digital philanthropic fundraising platforms such as Amazon Smile® and CrowdRise® (GoFundMe®) have made laudable attempts at modernizing and democratizing charitable giving, but none have achieved meaningful success. Why not? Because, while all have deployed impressive technologies, none have truly captured the attention – or fired the imagination – of everyday donors. Such previous democratization efforts have been met with relative indifference because, while they are well-made, to everyday small donors they are just bland tools. 

Golden Hearts Gaming captures attention, fires imagination and engages everyone, especially everyday donors.


We do that with thrilling promotional games which offer continuous fun, rewards and cash payouts and prizes.

Until now, no charity could afford to offer meaningful rewards and entertainment to all of its possible supporters. It’s just too logistically complex and expensive to even try.

But now, thanks to Golden Hearts Gaming, they can.

And with zero effort. All an authorized charity has to do is…exist.

All charities in good standing with applicable government agencies can connect with donors using Golden Hearts Gaming promotional games.


No matter how big or small, well known or obscure, all authorized charities are available to prospective donors on Golden Hearts Gaming platforms, all the time.

Today, roughly 1.4 million philanthropies are recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Golden Hearts Gaming supports them all. And no charity has to do anything to qualify. Any authorized charity that any donor wishes to support is simply already there on Golden Hearts Gaming promotional games platforms, available to be supported by anyone who wishes to do so.

How do we do this? Golden Hearts Gaming has partnered with Givinga Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity that helps facilitate the efficient distribution of funds to charitable causes. All donations made in connection with Golden Hearts Gaming’s promotional games go to Givinga Foundation, which makes grants to charities based on donors’ charity recommendations.

So all authorized charities receive the proceeds of donors' giving, regardless of whether that charity even knows that donor or Golden Hearts Gaming exists.


If a charity is eligible to receive grants, and a donor chooses to support them, Givinga Foundation will distribute grants to that charity. Period.


Golden Hearts Gaming facilitates and rewards the philanthropy of any donors and the needs of any causes, any time.

Our platforms don’t stop. There are no calendar windows or time limits. Our promotional games operate continuously, an entertaining, rewarding, always-on connection between the huge universe of charities and the huge population of small donors.

Join us. Please play our promotional games and support your favorite charity!

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Visit one of our promotional game sites. Create or log in to your account. Choose a charity and donate.

Use any computer, tablet or mobile device to play games and win prizes and real cash payouts. 24/7!

When you win, you keep all your cash and prizes. All winnings are all yours, always!

No purchase or donation is necessary to enter or win Golden Hearts Gaming promotional games and platforms.

See our Official Rules for details.


All donations go to the Givinga Foundation,

a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity, which then makes grants to each individual donor’s desired charity.

Donations may be tax-deductible to U.S. residents.



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